Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating NAHREP

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we proudly recognize our Industry Partner, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) Chicago for its significant impact on housing in the Chicagoland area. NAHREP is committed to boosting the Hispanic homeownership rate, which is currently at 47.1 percent. “Creating sustainable homeownership is the foundation of building wealth and developing safe communities for Latinos,”  Hipolito Garcia, NAHREP Chicago 2019 President said. “Our organization is vital in educating and protecting the people in the communities that we serve.  Our focus is to continue to educate the Real Estate professionals that serve those communities.” To help achieve its mission, NAHREP encourages members to adapt its 10 Disciplines to wealth building:
  1. Have a mature understanding of wealth and prosperity
  2. Be in the top 10 percent of your profession
  3. Live below your means and be ready for the next recession
  4. Minimize debt
  5. Invest at least 20 percent of your income in real estate and stocks
  6. Know your net worth, including the value of your business
  7. Be politically savvy
  8. Be physically fit
  9. Be generous with people who are less fortunate
  10. Be active in the lives of your family and children
We salute our Partner, NAHREP Chicago, and thank them for their influential contribution to the industry! To learn more about our Partner, at www.nahrepchicago.org.