postcard1 postcard Managing broker renewal postcards will go out the week of Feb. 9 from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Postcards are white this year, and managing brokers must enter their individual PIN, not the one highlighted in yellow on the sample postcard above. Before renewing a managing broker license, a licensee must complete the required courses by Thursday, April 30. 24 hours of CE is required for renewal:
  • 12 Hours of Core and Elective Courses – A minimum of 6 hours of Core courses (at least 3 hours Core A and 3 hours Core B) – No more than 6 hours of Elective courses.
  • 12-hour Broker Management CE Course
View your completed CE Requirements. The REALTORS® Real Estate School (RRES) has more information on classes to help you fulfill your requirements. Please note: If you earned CE credits under your old license number, they will be listed under that license number and count towards your total if earned in the time period above, so check both license numbers. Don’t submit proof of continuing education (CE) with your IDFPR renewal. Your education course provider reports your course work.