IDFPR Launches Smartphone E-License as Pocket Card Alternative

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) announced today that an alternative to the paper license pocket card is now available for the majority of licensed professionals, including real estate agents and brokers. Active licensees may now store an electronic license pocket card on their smartphone or tablet as proof of their professional licensure. It is the latest effort from the IDFPR to modernize the state’s regulatory agency, and comes on the heels of their recent elimination of paper renewal notices and licenses. “Smartphone technology permeates our existence in 2016,” Bryan A. Schneider, IDFPR Secretary, said. “We use them in all facets of our lives, from keeping up with our friend’s social lives to managing our personal finances. By providing an electronic pocket card, we are able to offer the latest in innovation for our licensee’s digital wallet.” “For the over 43,000 licensed real estate professionals who are required to carry their license at all times, the e-license pocket card is a welcome announcement,” Kreg Allison, Director of Real Estate, said. “By offering this option, we provide our real estate professionals added flexibility and convenience.” Electronic pocket cards may be saved as a PDF file or by taking a screenshot and storing as a photo. Click here to store an electronic pocket card on your smartphone or tablet.