IDFPR License Renewal Deadline for Brokerage Firms Operating as an Entity is Oct. 31, 2022

This notice only applies to those Designated Managing Brokers that sponsor a business entity such as a 478, 481, or 477 brokerage license number. This notice does not apply to self-sponsoring managing brokers that just sponsor their own license under their 471 managing broker license number.

All brokerage and branch licenses are set to expire on October 31, 2022. If you have not renewed your brokerage license yet, view below to check your renewal status and find out how to renew your license online. 

To check to see if you have already renewed your brokerage license:

  • Visit IDFPR’s License Look-up Page
  • Choose Real Estate under License Type
  • In License Number, enter your brokerage firm license number. This will begin with a 478, 481, or 477.
  • Answer the CAPTCHA question and click Search.
  • In the search result, if the Current Expiration Date for the brokerage firm reads any date other than 10/31/2024, then the Brokerage Firm License needs to be renewed.
  • In the search result, if the Current Expiration Date reads 10/31/2024, then the Brokerage Firm License has already been renewed.

To renew your brokerage firm license:

  • Visit IDFPR’s renewal page.
  • On the left hand side, login with your User ID and password. If you need help logging in, contact
  • Once logged in, click the Online Services link on the top right.
  • A drop down will appear. Click “Create/Continue a Renewal” link.
  • Click “Start” next to the appropriate License Number.
  • The Renewal Application will open and ask you a few questions. You must answer all questions and submit the application to complete the renewal process. You may click “Close and Save” to complete the Application in the future. To start over, please click the “Restart” link.

If you have branch licenses (477 license numbers), they also need to be renewed by October 31, 2022. You may email IDFPR at to renew your 477 brokerage branch license by email.

For questions or problems with your brokerage firm license renewal, you can contact IDFPR at