IDFPR License Renewal Deadline for Brokerage Firms Operating as an Entity is Oct. 31

All brokerage and branch licenses are set to expire on October 31, 2020. If you have not renewed your brokerage license yet, view below to check your renewal status and find out how to renew your license online.  To check to see if you have already renewed your brokerage license:
  • Click here to access IDFPR’s license look-up.
  • Enter your brokerage license number and click search.
  • If the expiration date reads October 31, 2020, you have not yet renewed your license and must do so by October 31. If the current expiration date reads October 31, 2022, then you have already completed your brokerage license renewal. 
To renew your brokerage license:
  • Visit IDFPR’s renewal page.
  • Enter your brokerage license number and PIN number supplied by IDFPR. If you don’t have your PIN, enter your brokerage license number and EIN number for your firm. 
If you have branch licenses, they also need to be renewed by October 31, 2020.  For questions or problems with your brokerage license renewal, you can contact IDFPR at