Keeping Cool

With summer finally on the horizon, here are a few small steps your clients can take to efficiently keep your house cool.

Service your air conditioner

Have your units cleaned and serviced early in the season and change the air filters regularly. This will help your A.C. unit run smoother and extend its life. Also, set a reminder each May or June to call your HVAC contractor.

Use Smart thermostats

These nifty tools will help make sure you’re not cooling an empty room, and they often pay for themselves within a few months! Currently there is a $100 instant rebate for most ecobee or Nest models.

Utilize the small stuff – ceiling fans, shades and vents

All the small stuff can add up! Ceiling fans can often cool a room to a comfortable temperature and allow you to turn your A.C. off, which is good for your wallet and the environment. Keeping vents clear of furniture and rugs will help your A.C. work less to keep your home cool. Lastly, pulling the shades down before leaving for work will help keep your place cool.

A.C. cycling

This ComEd program will save you $10 per month during the summer. You can pop open the windows, turn on the ceiling fan and enjoy the summer weather!