Managing Your Most Important Asset – Yourself: Titans of Industry Recap

Four successful women, Ebony Scott, Amy Galvin and Tammy Hajjar Miller (moderated by CEO Michelle Mills Clement), joined us for the last session of the day to discuss self-care, boundaries and balancing work and life. Here’s how they were able to execute their best selves.

Boundaries & Therapy

Ebony Scott, Spark Chicago, shared the importance of boundaries and therapy. She took the time to determine what her boundaries are, and based on those, she learned to feel safe and comfortable saying no to protect her work and personal time. She also sang the praises of going to therapy, saying, “You don’t have to be in crisis to go.” She uses this specific time to check in on herself.

Don’t Let “Society” Dictate Your Success or Happiness

Amy Galvin, Luxury Living Chicago Realty, made some personal realizations during her time in the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. She was living based on what society thought a working mother should live like, which isn’t a bad thing, but it wasn’t totally satisfying her. She decided to become a coach, which, more than anything else she’s done professionally, has helped her develop personally.

Schedule Yourself First

Tammy Hajjar Miller, The Federal Savings Bank, makes sure to schedule herself first. She knows that if she isn’t her best self, her family, work and everything in between will suffer, so it’s ok to make herself a priority in her life.

Listen to the full panel recording below.

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