Mayor Lightfoot’s Letter to Chicago Residents Regarding COVID-19

Mayor Lightfoot released a letter to Chicago residents regarding the current surge in COVID-19 cases in the city. “This moment is a critical inflection point for Chicago, and we need your help to stay ahead of this pandemic based on the data and science of the disease,” she said in the letter. “As the weather cools and people move indoors, the risk of spread increases exponentially,” she said. “Data also tells us that COVID-19 is spreading in the home. People naturally feel safe at home, which leads residents to remove their face coverings and not socially distance.” Mayor Lightfoot suggests not having guests in your home unless necessary, recommitting to a personal bubble and wearing a face covering while in indoor and outdoor social settings. “Right now, it is hard to think about an uncertain future that may include continuing to make these sacrifices. But there is no other option,” she said. Read the full letter here.