Mindset for Success

In May, the Chicago Association of REALTORS® Foundation invited a panel of three top producing agents from different North American markets to share the secrets to their extraordinary success. Their strategies for defining a clear vision, implementing support systems and building a great culture were too good to keep to ourselves. Mindset_Speakers-Patrick_300
Once I got focused, that’s when my business started to grow. The difference was learning what other successful people do to grow their business, and adapting those tactics to your market.
Control Your Environment.  There is no such thing as truth in the world; it’s all perception. You are a product of your environment, and you are who you associate with. Make sure your filter is a positive one: surround yourself with positive people and control what information is coming through to you via the media. Wherever you put your focus, that’s where energy flows from. Say affirmations on a daily basis and put your intentions into them. Set Intentions Throughout the Day. Know how you want your day to go. Setting intentions daily are key if you want to be successful, happier, and more productive. In the morning I set my intentions on who I want to be and what I want to happen that day, and do it again at night for the next day. Before a phone call or a listing presentation, I center myself, set my intentions, and focus in on the client so that when I walk in, I am fully present; thus, I am more successful and I am happier. Let Your Branding Reflect Who You Are. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. You want to work with people who really want to work with you. The most effective branding is an expression of your core values. Be who you are, express your branding as a reflection of who you are and what is important to you, and you’ll attract like-minded people; those are the people who will then refer business to you. The Patrick Lilly Team, New York, NY Mindset_Speaker_Sandy_300
Remember that setbacks give you opportunity to reflect and get clarity on what you need to succeed and be happy.
Connect with Yourself and Others. Every thought and action either creates a sense of separation or connection. We have a tendency to beat ourselves up. Instead, write out
acknowledgements to help gain positive momentum and feel better about yourself. Having gratitude creates miracles in your life. Affirmations reprogram your subconscious to create positive results in your life. The key to success is writing them down daily. Start each day writing out ten acknowledgements and ten affirmations. Collaborate with Your Team. We are happiest when we are growing personally and professionally. Stay in touch with your team and encourage them, whether through a daily huddle, a one-on-one meeting each week, or motivational and team-building incentives. Communicate and Stay In Touch. Creating and implementing meaningful ways to stay connected to past clients builds your business and allows you to have a great life. Maintain a comfortable connection with a personal newsletter, or develop a Wow Program. A Wow Program doesn’t cost a ton of money, and it’s something you do when the client doesn’t expect it that makes them go, “oh wow, isn’t that nice?,” like delivering lunch on moving day or greeting them with a personalized welcome sign at reception. The Raines Group, Columbus, OH Mindset_Speakers_Bill_300
I always thought I was stupid because as a high school dropout, I had been told that, but the first year I made a million dollars, I realized I wasn’t. Life is about what you tell your-self. You can change your attitude, but you have to change your head space.
Gain Clarity. You have to define what you want to get out of the business, and what the life is that you want your business to provide for you. You have to know what it costs you, what you need to make, and have a written goal. You subconscious is in control, so train it with affirmations. Clarity is why we don’t get where we want to go. Make a Plan. Develop a business plan, something in writing that spells out your income, your transactions, and clearly lays out what you have to do to get to where you want to be. Be clear. Develop a budget that accounts for expenses, rather than your commission. You need to know your expenses almost better than your revenue, because your true income, your true profit, comes after your expenses. Look at where you want your cash flow, and make a choice: Do I want to live now, or live later? Pay yourself first; developing an investment plan may mean that you have to take on a line of credit, but paying it off will make you work harder. Be Consistent. If you aren’t consistent, and you don’t follow your action plan, then you won’t get where you want 
to go. Goodfellow Coaching and Consulting, Ottowa, Canada Digital_Extra