The Move to 430 N. Michigan: Drywall

We are on the move to the REALTOR® Building at 430 N. Michigan, with a projected move-in of December, 2016. Construction began in September, and we’ll be keeping you posted on our progress. Today, we’re talking drywall. Our floorplan is really starting to take shape – thanks to our brand new walls! 430 N. Michigan Floorplan


This space was mostly framed out and dry walled from the beginning, but here’s a reminder of what it looks like: Photo Oct 20, 11 53 02 AMPhoto Oct 20, 11 51 52 AM


You can really start to see where the main conference room will be, as well as the two smaller conference rooms. The banquets are also coming together! Photo Oct 20, 11 32 24 AMPhoto Oct 20, 11 33 02 AM


These are really starting to take shape. Moveable walls will give us lots of options for these spaces, too. Photo Oct 20, 11 44 55 AM Photo Oct 20, 11 46 18 AM Photo Oct 20, 11 46 33 AM And here’s a sneak peek at the view from the classrooms: Photo Oct 20, 11 46 42 AM You may have noticed on the floorplan that we’ve designated spaces for students to talk on their phone, take tests or just have a break from the classroom. Here’s a look at what that area will look like: Photo Oct 20, 11 48 22 AM Photo Oct 20, 11 48 49 AM

Staff Workspaces

Oh, what a difference some lighting will make shortly! Photo Oct 20, 11 41 35 AMPhoto Oct 20, 11 43 50 AM We also built in a little area for a staff lounge, so that there’s a central break room to enjoy lunch or a mid-afternoon coffee break. Here’s what that looks like now, and what it will look like when completed. Photo Oct 20, 11 41 55 AM Questions? We have (many) of the answers, and the rest, we’ll keep you updated! Visit our FAQ.