The Move to 430 N. Michigan: Framing

We are on the move to the REALTOR® Building at 430 N. Michigan, with a projected move-in of December, 2016. Construction began in September, and we’ll be keeping you posted on our progress. Now, let’s talk framing. Progress is being made very quickly! As a reminder, this is our floorplan: If you follow us on Instagram or Snapchat, you might have caught our Stories tour of the space on Thursday, right before they started drywall, and saw that the space is completely framed out. If you missed it, here’s a look at some of the progress prior to last week:


The reception area had some drywall from the previous tenant, which remained. Progress on this section will be easier to see once we start talking about finishing that ceiling! But, as a refresher, here’s what it looks like. Photo Sep 29, 11 54 42 AM Photo Sep 29, 11 54 40 AM Let’s just say, we’re excited to get it looking closer to the below shortly!


Here’s where you’ll see some progress! The frame-out is complete, and we began drywall this past weekend. Here’s a look at the framing early on. memlounge2 memlounge standing in bod looking into mem lounge


We are so excited to see these come together little by little. classroom Photo Sep 29, 11 53 26 AM arbitration looking to classroom

Staff Workspaces

Last week it had a lot more progress, but here’s what the initial frame-out started with – can you picture it yet? Photo Sep 29, 11 53 00 AM Check back next week for an update on the drywall – it’s all coming together! Questions? We have (many) of the answers, and the rest, we’ll keep you updated! Visit our FAQ.