The Move to 430 N. Michigan: Making Progress!

We are on the move to the REALTOR® Building at 430 N. Michigan, with a projected move-in of December, 2016. Construction began in September, and we’ll be keeping you posted on our progress. Today, we’re breaking down the progress we’ve made in the past few weeks. To start off, here’s a reminder of our floorplan: 430 N. Michigan Floorplan


The reception space is finally showing some progress! As you can see, the ceiling details are starting to get framed out. It’s going to be beautiful, and a huge improvement in the quality of the interactions we’ll have with you, our members. Photo Nov 10, 10 33 54 AM Photo Nov 10, 10 58 26 AM


We are so excited about how these rooms are shaping up! You can really start to see how the banquet seating will work, and the two smaller member conference rooms are taking shape. Just wait til we get some lighting up in here! Photo Nov 10, 10 34 57 AM (1)

Photo Nov 10, 10 38 17 AM

Photo Nov 10, 10 37 46 AM


Again, the ceilings are really taking shape here! And, you can see where the movable wall (particularly in the image below) will give us tons of options for the space. Look at all that natural light! Photo Nov 10, 10 49 27 AM Photo Nov 10, 10 49 09 AM Photo Nov 10, 10 51 02 AM

Staff Workstations

The staff area has started getting some paint, as the drywall is completed in here. Below is one of the offices for senior staff, and following that image is the progress made on the staff kitchen and lounge. Photo Nov 10, 10 45 38 AM Photo Nov 10, 10 44 31 AM Hard to believe that in just a month, this will be our new home! Check back next week for even more progress pics – it’ll move fast from here! Questions? We have (many) of the answers, and the rest, we’ll keep you updated! Visit our FAQ.