The Move to 430 N. Michigan: Two Week Countdown

We are on the move to the REALTOR® Building at 430 N. Michigan, with a move-in date of December 16, 2016. Construction began in September, and we’ll be keeping you posted on our progress. We’ve hit the two week mark. Here’s what’s been going on since our last update. We’re excited to be able to show off our floor plant to you in real life shortly!


This central reception and transaction area is going to be a game changer! The details are really starting to come together here, with a nice long space for you to get assistance from our member care team, as well as register for classes with our education specialists. Photo Dec 01, 11 42 25 AM Directly to the right of the transaction area, we’ll have a small reception area. The gorgeous tilework will host a refreshment bar for your convenience. Photo Dec 01, 11 42 14 AM Photo Dec 05, 10 09 26 AM


We’re thrilled to see so much of the detailing starting to fall into place! Below, the board room is awaiting flooring and a sliding glass wall (coming today and tomorrow!). Photo Dec 05, 10 06 57 AM Carpet, paint and lighting in the member conference rooms are looking good! Photo Dec 05, 10 06 35 AM The lighting and wall detail for the banquet workspaces have been installed. Photo Dec 05, 10 06 20 AM Another member conference room, awaiting its glass wall. Photo Dec 05, 10 06 32 AM The massive bar-height table for you to use as a touchdown station is so cool. Here’s a little peek: Photo Dec 05, 10 56 36 AM


Wow, are our students going to love this space. The breakout rooms for taking tests are getting finished up. Photo Dec 05, 10 13 32 AM Again, the glass walls and doors are being installed throughout the space. Photo Dec 05, 10 16 37 AM Here, you can see part of the removable wall – flexible spaces are abundant! Photo Dec 05, 10 13 48 AM


Staff’s workstation furniture has arrived and is being installed. Photo Dec 05, 10 19 07 AM A look at the (almost) finished product: Photo Dec 06, 11 48 18 AM Each office has a glass wall and sliding glass door. Photo Dec 05, 10 18 52 AM Photo Dec 05, 10 17 42 AM The staff lounge’s details are starting to come together too, including the pendant lighting. Photo Dec 01, 11 52 57 AM And now some tiling! Photo Dec 05, 10 21 07 AM And more glass walls. Photo Dec 06, 11 49 00 AM Questions? We have (many) of the answers, and the rest, we’ll keep you updated! Visit our FAQ.