IDFPR is in the process of rolling out some changes to education and licensing for real estate professionals. Many of these changes have an extended implementation timeline. The biggest change, and an immediate one, is that as of January 1, 2018, classroom, live interactive webinars and online distance learning courses for continuing education and pre-licensing will no longer require an exam to receive credit for the course. Licensees will still be required to verify attendance on all delivery methods. RRES will continue to test pre-licensing students to provide a benchmark for preparedness for the state exam; however, this RRES exam score will not affect pre-licensing course credit. Self-study students will continue to be required to take a proctored, in-person exam. The other immediate change is that individuals who obtain a 120-day Leasing Agent permit must be enrolled in a Leasing Agent Pre-Licensing Course no later than 60 days from issuance of the permit. We will continue to keep you updated as changes as rolled out. Questions? Contact Kirk Antkiewicz, Professional Development Operations Specialist, at (312) 214-2167.