Net Neutrality a Victory for REALTORS®

National Association of REALTORS® President Chris Polychron voiced support for new open Internet rules the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved on Thursday, Feb. 26: “REALTORS® welcome the passage of the FCC’s new rules to protect true net neutrality, which are essential to the modern business of real estate that is increasingly conducted online. Today’s vote ensures that consumers will have equal, unencumbered access to the Internet and all legal content and applications, that cannot be blocked or throttled by Internet Service Providers. “NAR is pleased that the FCC will implement net neutral practices and prohibit paid prioritization, which would have created a two-tiered Internet and put REALTORS® and other small business owners at a competitive disadvantage. The new rules are a victory for consumers, and for REALTORS® who embrace technology and online resources to meet the needs of their clients.”