Jill Frank“Purpose and Intention – every day on the Oprah show was about purpose and intention,” Jill Frank, vice president of business operations and production at Epsilon, said. Her experience on that historic program would change the course of her career forever. “Oprah was a great environment to soak up content.” It doesn’t matter what your toolkit is, pick something and stick to it, she said as she presented to a room of hundreds of filled seats. Interesting advice from a woman who began her career as a field reporter in broadcast news. Coming from journalism, though, Frank inherently understands the nature and relationship between storytelling and real estate. What connects them: the spirit of entrepreneurship. “There’s something about real estate that has an entrepreneurial spirit that I relate to,” she said. Frank spoke to the importance of not only setting priorities, but also understanding them. “You have permission for your profession to not be your purpose,” she said. “You do not have permission to not know if your profession is your purpose.”  Frank comes from a family of aviators, something that’s influenced her since she was a child. A storyteller at heart, Frank recommends beginning to gather content by writing freeform for 30 days. “All ideas grow out of other ideas,” she said. “As women, we’re constantly juggling so many responsibilities… it’s important to keep your intention in mind always.”  Coming from not just the fast-paced industry of broadcast news, but also a family of aviators, production for Frank is about efficiency. Remember OHIO: Only Handle It Once.

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Titans of Industry: Women Leading the Charge – Produce Like a Pro | Jill Frank