PS: Don’t Enter Without Permission

NAR’s Pathways to Professionalism are professional courtesies which REALTORS® should show to the public, property and their peers. While these should be honored, they are also voluntary and cannot form a basis for a Professional Standards/Ethics complaint. So, why do we care? Up to 80 percent of calls we receive focus on professionalism, or lack thereof, which is damaging to our industry and the REALTOR® brand. In this new series, focused on “True Tales of Professionalism,” we’ll examine some cringe-worthy, real life examples of REALTORS® who didn’t violate the Code of Ethics, but certainly missed the mark on professionalism.
Today, let’s look at #11 under “Respect for Property”:
“Enter property only with permission even if you have a lockbox key or combination.”
Here is a story from one of our REALTORS®:
I was doing a showing at a listing with a lockbox. Another agent showed up and entered the home while we were there. I asked if they had an appointment at the same time. She said they were 1.5 hours late. I asked if they wouldn’t mind waiting for us to finish. She said that they would, but they would wait inside so she didn’t have to access the lockbox again. I told her that she would need to access it again because I would be putting the key back in as we left. She was very insistent, and almost aggressive, about not wanting to access the key. After she finished calling me “silly” for suggesting that she access the key once I was finished, I contacted the listing agent to let them know the other appointment was there. The listing agent notified me that noone else had a showing scheduled that day.
REALTORS® should never trespass. If you do not have explicit permission from the listing agent or owner, do not enter the property. This is not only out of respect for the property, but for the safety of everyone involved. We strongly encourage you practice with Pathways to Professionalism in mind, which will ensure you are giving the highest level of service to your clients and, ultimately, protecting your reputation. After all, this business is built on respect and trust. Thank you in advance for continuing to elevate our industry by conducting business with unmatched professionalism and ethics. Check back regularly for more from our “True Tales of Professionalism” series. Questions? Feel free to reach out to Professional Standards with any questions, comments or concerns.