PS: Leave It How You Found It, Or Better

NAR’s Pathways to Professionalism are professional courtesies which REALTORS® should show to the public, property and their peers. While these should be honored, they are also voluntary and cannot form a basis for a Professional Standards/Ethics complaint. So, why do we care? Up to 80 percent of calls we receive focus on professionalism, or lack thereof, which is damaging to our industry and the REALTOR® brand. In this new series, focused on “True Tales of Professionalism,” we’ll examine some cringe-worthy, real life examples of REALTORS® who didn’t violate the Code of Ethics, but certainly missed the mark on professionalism.
Today, let’s look at item number 6 under the “Respect for Property” category, which states:
“When the occupant is absent, leave the property as you found it (lights, heating, cooling, drapes, etc.). If you think something is amiss (e.g. vandalism), contact the listing broker immediately.”
Imagine you are selling your house and have a pet bird at home that you love and cherish like a member of your family. A showing appointment is scheduled during the winter. The buyer’s broker shows the property and leaves the back door wide open. You get home from work hours later to find your door wide open and your prized bird frozen to death. While this doesn’t meet the criteria for an ethics violation, it is truly an awful situation, right? Unfortunately, this is a true story, and nothing can be done to bring this part of their family back. Today, take a moment to Google how the public perceives REALTORS®’ ethical and professional behaviors, compared to how they view other professions. With stories like this one, it’s no surprise that we don’t always make the top 20 list of most ethical professions. We strongly encourage you practice with Pathways to Professionalism in mind, which will ensure you are giving the highest level of service to your clients and, ultimately, protecting your reputation. After all, this business is built on respect and trust. Thank you in advance for continuing to elevate our industry by conducting business with unmatched professionalism and ethics. Check back regularly for more from our “True Tales of Professionalism” series. Questions? Feel free to reach out to Professional Standards with any questions, comments or concerns.