Additional SentriLock Resources & FAQ

Need help? Check out these frequently asked questions about the service or Lockboxes.

How do I become a SentriLock member?

You can enroll in SentriLock by completing the SentriLock Service Agreement and paying the enrollment fee to SentriLock.

How much does it cost to be a SentriLock member?

SentriLock is $99/year and renews every June 1st. If joining mid-year, your membership is prorated on a quarterly basis.

Once I have a SentriLock membership, can I access any SentriLock lockbox at any time?

Your SentriLock membership and SentriKey Real Estate App provides secure and convenient access to SentriLock lockboxes. Unless a listing agent has advanced features set on their lockbox, your SentriKey App will unlock any SentriLock Lockbox. It is important to remember that it is a violation of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, SentriLock Service Agreement, and the Illinois License Act to access a property without authorization. Penalties for accessing a property without prior authorization from the listing agent or owner can start at $2,500. Your SentriLock membership provides you the key to the box – you still need permission to use that key at every single listing.

Can multiple agents or a team share the same SentriLock log-in/account to access properties?

No. In order to ensure the safety of all property and the integrity of the SentriLock System, only the account owner can use or log into their SentriLock account. It would be a violation of the SentriLock Agreement to share SentriLock accounts or provide your SentriLock credentials to another person. Penalties could include fines starting at $2,500 or termination of your SentriLock account.

If you know of an agent or team sharing SentriLock credentials, please report it here.

Will I receive a physical SentriLock card when I become a member?

No. SentriLock officially retired the physical SentriLock cards in early 2024. The Chicago Association of REALTORS® can no longer issue new or replacement cards as they are no longer supported by SentriLock. All SentriLock members will need to use the SentriKey Real Estate App to take advantage of their SentriLock Membership. Click here for additional information on the retirement of the SentriLock Card.

Do I have to be a SentriLock member in order to purchase and use a SentriLock lockbox on my listings?

Yes. Only Active SentriLock members may purchase and manage a SentriLock lockbox.

Do I have to pay for a SentriLock membership in order to access someone else’s SentriLock lockbox?

No. SentriLock lockboxes have several access options for non-SentriLock members. A listing agent may grant you secure access through the SentriConnect app (recommended) or provide you a 1-Day or Flex Code to access the lockboxes. Click here to learn more about SentriConnect.

How much does a SentriLock Lockbox cost?

SentriLock Lockboxes are $129.99 + Tax. Visit our Purchase a Lockbox page for additional information.

Can I buy a SentriLock lockbox from another agent or sell my SentriLock lockbox to another agent?

Yes, but it will depend on the type of box. Once you purchase your lockbox from the association, you own that lockbox and that lockbox is assigned to your SentriLock account and your SentriLock inventory. If you sell or give the lockbox to another agent, that lockbox must be transferred to their SentriLock account and their SentriLock inventory. That can only be done with the SentriKey Real Estate App which will only work for the Bluetooth enabled SentriLock lockboxes. Be cautious when purchasing old or outdated lockboxes that are non-Bluetooth as those can no longer be transferred to another agent’s account or inventory.

To initiate a lockbox transfer, click here.

If you have a non-Bluetooth lockbox and wish to trade it in or recycle it, visit our Upgrade/Recycle page to learn how to save 15% off your next order.

Do SentriLock Lockboxes come with a warranty?

Yes. SentriLock offers a 7-year warranty on their boxes from the date the lockbox went into service. Any warranty coverage and eligibility is authorized directly from SentriLock. If you are uncertain on whether your lockbox is under warranty, please contact SentriLock Support.

What is the return policy for SentriLock Lockboxes?

All SentriLock Lockbox sales are final and nonreturnable/nonrefundable. If there is any issue with your SentriLock Lockbox, please contact SentriLock Support for assistance. Your SentriLock Lockbox comes with a 7-year warranty and SentriLock will authorize a replacement if they deem it defective. SentriLock Support can be reached at 513-618-5800.

My SentriLock lockbox has low battery or the battery is already dead. What should I do?

If your lockbox still has power, we recommend replacing the batteries as soon as possible. For most lockbox types, you can request complimentary batteries from the association. The original/oldest SentriLock lockboxes are out of warranty and the association does not provide complimentary batteries for those boxes.

If your lockbox is completely dead, you can borrow a Power Paddle from the association to jump start your box and allow you to replace the batteries. To request a Power Paddle, click here.

I have an old SentriLock lockbox. Can I trade it in for a new one?

Yes. We have an Upgrade/Recycle program for non-Bluetooth lockboxes. Receive 15% off the purchase of a new lockbox when you trade in your non-Bluetooth lockbox. Click here to learn more.