SentriConnect & Temporary Lockbox Access

Say goodbye to 1-Day Codes with SentriLock’s latest product, SentriConnect! SentriLock members can provide temporary access to one specific individual for a specific date AND time without providing a 1-Day Code.

What is SentriConnect? It is a free mobile app for non-SentriLock members to provide more secure and trackable access to lockboxes, eliminating the possibility of 1-Day Code sharing. Using their SentriLock App, a listing agent authorizes a specific individual using their email address to access the property on a specific date and time via the SentriConnect app. The non-SentriLock member receives an email informing them of this access. They must download the SentriConnect app and create their free account. Once registered and logged into the SentriConnect app, the non-SentriLock member does not need to re-register again, and any lockbox access that is given to them will appear in their SentriConnect app. Once at a property, the Non-SentriLock member uses the SentriConnect app to unlock the lockbox.

SentriLock Members: Learn How to Grant SentriConnect Access to your Lockboxes.


Listing agents have the power to provide an unprecedented level of security, control, and peace of mind with SentriConnect. SentriConnect lets listing agents grant secure, temporary, trackable lockbox access to a specific individual (like an out of area agent or those without a paid Sentrilock membership) who needs controlled access to a property.


By granting lockbox access to that specific person for a specific date and time range, the possibility of code sharing is eliminated. The listing agent receives instant notifications via the message center when the SentriConnect user accesses the property, so the agent is always in the know with specific, up-to-date information. And, the listing agent can schedule access up to 14 days in advance, and for 14 consecutive days (significantly longer than most competitors), and revoke any access granted. These are all powerful SentriConnect features you and your members have come to rely upon and trust for controlled access.


A new, more user-friendly version of the SentriConnect app provides more information and assistance than ever before. With the new app, users will be able to:

  • View Sentrilock lockboxes they have been granted access to in a specific area.
  • See a Google Maps view of the assigned property location and get directions.
  • Access the property securely without the need for an authorization code or PIN.
  • Access the listing agent’s contact information.
  • View property-specific information such as alarm codes and instructions after receiving access.
  • Update personal information, including photo, occupation, phone number, email, and more.

For more information, visit the SentriConnect page on SentriLock’s website.