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Analyze and Underwrite Multi-Unit and Mixed-Use Properties – 3 Hours:

This course will teach students how to assess the viability of an Investment Property by becoming proficient in analyzing and underwriting the asset from both an investor’s and a banker’s perspective.

Anatomy of a Shopping Center – 3 Hours:

Gain a working knowledge of the shopping center development process as well as the history of the shopping center concept, the types, classifications, marketing and considerations associated with centers, and more. (Available Online)

Anatomy of an Office Building – 3 Hours:

If you’re interested in getting into the field of office building development and management, or if you are an office building professional who aspires to a more thorough understanding of office building operations, this course is suited for you. (Available Online)

Avoiding Litigation & Litigation Related Losses – 3 Hours:

By reviewing types of litigation that seem to plague brokers, attendees will gain an appreciation for and an understanding of applicable license and common law which govern real estate brokerage. *****Available Classroom Only*****

Commercial Leasing 101 – 3 Hours:

You will learn the important role leasing agents play in the real estate process and gain a base-level knowledge of the entirety of the leasing process.  Topics covered will include: the Power of Leasing, Owners and Leasing, Types of Leases, Elements of a Lease, Agency Leasing, Tenant Representation, Negotiation Case Study and Leasing Opportunities.

Commission Issues in Commercial Real Estate – 3 Hours:

You will survey important issues in listing agreements and commission agreements, and learn new language which can be utilized in leases and purchase and sale agreements. Explore the bankruptcy process, receive suggestions for listing properties owned by bankrupt parties, and more! *****Available Classroom Only*****

Cook County Property Taxes in Commercial Real Estate – 2 Hours:

In any real estate transaction, the present and future property taxes for a property will have a major impact on the success of the transaction. In the case of a commercial transaction, the purchase price will play a role in determining future tax bills. In addition, issues such as incentives, the contents of a property, lease structures, and financing need to be addressed so as to ensure a proper tax valuation. This course will give commercial real estate brokers a working knowledge of the property tax valuation process, the relationship between various transaction structures and property taxes, and how a property’s valuation is used with other variables to determine a property’s tax bill. *****Available Classroom Only*****

Downtown Commercial Property Management – 3 Hours:

Downtown commercial buildings normally have property management teams on-site. This class will cover the important role property managers play in the real estate process and give students a base-level knowledge of the manager’s responsibilities.

Navigating Chicago Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Lease Transactions – 3 Hours:

This is an essential introduction to commercial real estate purchase and lease transactions, ideal for those new to commercial real estate as well as veterans looking for a refresher. *****Available Classroom Only*****

Property Management 101 – 3 Hours:

In this course, students will learn the basics of property management. The course includes instruction on different types of buildings, reading and understanding neighborhood comparisons, protected classes, the importance of the CRLTO (Chicago ordinance) and much more. The course is geared toward anyone thinking about getting into Property Management, people in the field two years or less, or experienced professionals who just want a refresher. This course will also aim to help those individuals avoid many of the pitfalls of Property Management in Chicago.

Property Management & Managing Risk – 3 Hours:

Join your fellow agents as you take a practical approach to property management. Explore the major functions of practitioners and expertly juggle your time and energy between property management and sales. *****Available Classroom Only*****

Real Estate Auctions: What Every Broker Should Know – 3 Hours:

Learn the ins-and-outs of real estate auctions and perfect your business strategy in this select market. Not only will you be better prepared for your next auction, you’ll know what to do if you or your client are the winning bidder.

Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges – 3 Hours:

Explore the history, evolution, rules and forms of the strategy used to defer tax liability until a later date. Loaded with real-life examples and calculations, you will learn the vocabulary and application of tax-free exchanges so you are better able to answer client questions. *****Available Classroom Only*****

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