Continuing Education Course Descriptions | Chicago Association of REALTORS®



As we uphold our commitment to our students as well as our social responsibility to hold virtual classes, we’re offering many classes via webinar. Classes marked “classroom only” will resume once our offices open to students. Contact us with questions!

A Note About Our Attendance Policy: Once class has begun, late students may enter the class but will not be permitted to receive CE credit, per IDFPR. They may transfer to an on-demand course. Please allow enough time for parking, traffic and public transportation delays as there are no exceptions to this rule.


CORE CE – 4 Hours:

Understand the relationships formed between the sponsoring broker, the sponsored licensee and members of the public. Review legal, ethical and practical responsibilities including Illinois license law, the handling of escrow and transaction documents, Fair Housing issues and advertising. (Offered: Classroom, Online, Webinar)

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training & REALTOR® Safety – 2 Hours:

Being safe in the workplace and on the job is perhaps the most important thing we can learn as we prepare to be successful in our careers. This course is in two parts. We first define what sexual harassment looks like, including the definition of sexual harassment, reinforcing that it is unwanted, deliberate and repetitive. We explore the types of harassment, whether it is in the workplace, in education, in housing or in public accommodations. The REALTOR® safety portion identifies specific things you can do to protect yourself in your real estate career. Whether you are showing homes, hosting an open house, working in your office, your home or just driving around town, being safe in the most important preparation you can do every day. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)


Analyze and Underwrite Multi-Unit and Mixed-Use Properties – 3 Hours:

This course will teach students how to assess the viability of an Investment Property by becoming proficient in analyzing and underwriting the asset from both an investor’s and a banker’s perspective. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Anatomy of a Shopping Center – 3 Hours:

Gain a working knowledge of the shopping center development process as well as the history of the shopping center concept, the types, classifications, marketing and considerations associated with centers, and more. (Offered: Online)

Anatomy of an Office Building – 3 Hours:

If you’re interested in getting into the field of office building development and management, or if you are an office building professional who aspires to a more thorough understanding of office building operations, this course is suited for you. (Offered: Online)

The Appraisal Process – 3 Hours CE:

In this interactive course students will gain an understanding of the behind the scenes happenings of the appraisal process, stay current with industry changes, and construct competitive CMA’s. This course will cover types of appraisals, determining property value, how to prepare for an appraisal and the difference between market value and appraisal value. *****Available Classroom Only*****

Behind the Scenes of a Residential Mortgage – 3 Hours:

This course gives agents a strong understanding of what it takes to process a mortgage, what happens behind the scenes that brokers and borrowers do not see, and how the decision to issue the mortgage is made. (Offered: Classroom, Online, Webinar)

Build A Successful International Real Estate Business – 3 Hours:

Review crucial international market knowledge, client acquisition, transaction tools, property valuation methods, legal issues and financing, as well as how to build a team of experts to oversee the practice. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Code of Ethics Your Promise of Professionalism – 3 Hours:

This course is a reliable reference for guidance in dealing with complex situations in today’s day-to-day practice of real estate. You and your fellow students will discuss how the Code of Ethics compares to and contrasts with the concept of general business ethics. *NOTE: The National Association of REALTORS® requires all REALTORS® to complete a mandatory Ethics training course once within a 2 year period. (Offered: Classroom, Online, Webinar, Self-Study)

Commercial Leasing 101 – 3 Hours:

You will learn the important role leasing agents play in the real estate process and gain a base-level knowledge of the entirety of the leasing process.  Topics covered will include: the Power of Leasing, Owners and Leasing, Types of Leases, Elements of a Lease, Agency Leasing, Tenant Representation, Negotiation Case Study and Leasing Opportunities. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Condo Mortgages; Guidelines to Avoiding Pitfalls – 3 Hours:

Learn how to guide your clients through how condos, PUDs and co-ops affect mortgage guidelines. You will be able to set reasonable expectations, educate your clients and smooth out your transactions. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Divorce Real Estate Foundations  – 3 Hours:

This course is meant to help real estate brokers understand how to work with clients who are going through or have gone through the divorce process. Through this course brokers will be able to identify obstacles they may encounter when working with divorcing homeowners. They will develop strategies for helping people reach agreement during the listing and sale process. Brokers will identify how the process of selling a divorce property is different than a regular sale. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar, Online)

Downtown Commercial Property Management – 3 Hours:

Downtown commercial buildings normally have property management teams on-site. This class will cover the important role property managers play in the real estate process and give students a base-level knowledge of the manager’s responsibilities. *****Available Classroom Only*****

Fair Housing – 3 Hours:

The best way to ensure your business practices comply with fair housing laws is to take this class, which breaks down proper documentation and covers critical professional service habits. (Offered: Classroom, Self-Study)

Making Sense of Residential Real Estate Taxes – 3 Hours:

Do you know how real estate taxes are calculated? Learning how taxes are prorated for closings enables you to assist a seller in estimating closing costs when preparing a seller net sheet. Learn to explain how taxes are levied, prorated and protested— and if they should be protested. (Offered: Classroom, Online, Webinar, Self-Study)

Navigating Chicago Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Lease Transactions – 3 Hours:

This is an essential introduction to commercial real estate purchase and lease transactions, ideal for those new to commercial real estate as well as veterans looking for a refresher. *****Available Classroom Only*****

Ownership and Title; How, Who and What – 3 Hours:

Review the various types of estates in lands, the interests of owners, as well as the legal aspects of deed and title. Become well-versed in all forms of estates in lands and understand the different types of ownership possibilities. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar, Online)

Property Management 101 – 3 Hours:

In this course students will learn the basics of property management. The course includes instruction on different types of buildings, reading and understanding neighborhood comparisons, protected classes, the importance of the CRLTO (Chicago ordinance) and much more. The course is geared toward anyone thinking about getting into Property Management, people in the field two years or less, or experienced professionals who just want a refresher. This course will also aim to help those individuals avoid many of the pitfalls of Property Management in Chicago. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Real Estate Auctions: What Every Broker Should Know – 3 Hours:

Learn the ins-and-outs of real estate auctions and perfect your business strategy in this select market. Not only will you be better prepared for your next auction, you’ll know what to do if you or your client are the winning bidder. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Reasonable Accommodations Under the Fair Housing Act – 2 Hours:

What are the requirements, regulations and expectations for real estate professionals regarding reasonable accommodation? How can our rules, policies, practices or services afford a person with a disability the equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling? Ensure your business practice and client relationships follow the Fair Housing Act. (Offered: Online)

Renovation Lending Solutions – 3 Hours:

This course focuses on the Renovation Lending process, obtaining financing, the proper way to list a renovated home, the various types of Renovation programs and how to structure a Renovation transaction. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Solar For Real Estate Agents – 3 Hours:

Following the Future Energy Jobs Act, Illinois is expected to see a 2000% growth in solar by 2025. Now, more than ever, buyers and sellers are turning to their REALTORS® for guidance on how to navigate the contracts, benefits and listing of solar residential properties. Be the REALTOR® who knows what to do when your client asks for help! (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Stand Out From the Crowd; High Performing Homes – 3 Hours:

This class offers information and resources that enable real estate agents to identify and address high-performing homes in the residential real estate market. Topics include an overview of the Chicago area high-performance housing market, a review of the features that contribute to performance, and details on incentives and rebates available for clients looking to upgrade their homes. The class also provides guidance for listing and marketing these homes so that the value is visible to buyers, sellers, and appraisers. (Offered: Classroom, Webinar)

Virtual Real Estate Business – 2 Hours:

With the unexpected changes many agents are forced to pivot and learn new technology to remain relevant. This course focuses on educating real estate agents on integrating the technology we access daily in a virtual marketplace. We will explain the benefits of MRED tools in a virtual business. Provide a live demonstration on how these tools function and how to integrate the tools into an everyday virtual business. We will also Include new virtual features that can be used into today’s business model and for years to come. Our goal in this course is to help keep agents relevant. *****Available Classroom Only*****