Future-Proofing Your Real Estate Business: Harnessing AI, ChatGPT & Bard for Success

Imagine a world where you can supercharge your real estate business, increase efficiency and provide exceptional service to your clients like never before. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer in the industry, revolutionizing how we operate, communicate and make informed decisions.

In this program, we will dive deep into the possibilities of AI, with a specific focus on ChatGPT and Bard—innovative technologies that will empower you to take your business to new heights. Together, we will explore practical applications, strategies for success and the art of leveraging these tools ethically and responsibly.

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TBACAR Central | 430 N Michigan Ave
This program is hosted in partnership with ReMarkiTable, LLC. Meet the instructor below!

Key Course Objectives


  • Define the fundamental concepts of AI, ChatGPT and Bard and their relevance in the real estate industry.
  • Analyze the impact of AI on various aspects of the real estate business, including lead generation, market analysis and client engagement.
  • Craft an actionable plan for incorporating AI, ChatGPT and Bard into your real estate business, setting clear objectives and measuring success.


  • Apply AI tools and techniques to streamline administrative tasks, enhance productivity and optimize time management.
  • Evaluate different AI-driven platforms and technologies available to real estate professionals, selecting the most suitable solutions for your business needs.
  • Implement effective strategies for integrating ChatGPT and Bard into your marketing and communication efforts to provide personalized and engaging experiences for clients.


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of AI implementation’s limitations and potential risks, ensuring you navigate potential challenges effectively.
  • Foster trust and transparency in client relationships through effective communication about AI utilization and its benefits.

Meet Your Instructor: Marki Lemons Ryhal

Marki Lemons Ryhal is a licensed Managing Broker, REALTOR®, avid volunteer, Major Donor, and 6X International Best-Selling Author. She is dedicated to all things real estate. With 30+ years of marketing experience, Marki has taught over 500,000 people about how to earn up to a 2682% return on their marketing dollars.

As a speaker, she was one of 100 speakers selected out of over 1,300 candidates to speak at the REALTOR® Conference & Expo nine times (face-to-face and virtually) with high program evaluations; she is also an INMAN Closing Keynote Speaker. Marki holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Chicago State University, a Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Xavier University and sixty-four real estate-related licenses, certifications and designations.

Marki currently serves as a Chicago Association of REALTORS® Director and as the Chair of the Diversity Committee (D77).