Reinvent Your Lead Gen: Innovative Ideas to Help Grow Your Business | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

Lead gen is the cornerstone of having a big business — and by that, we mean a reliable, predictable business. It’s all about controlling your business, and not allowing the market to control it for you. What has proven to be the best source of real estate leads for your business? Where do you focus your time, energy and money to build a strong sales pipeline? In April, C.A.R. Treasurer Tommy Choi brought together three Chicago REALTORS® who have mastered different lead generation techniques for a special Member Outreach event. Melanie Stone of Coldwell Banker Residential shares her tips for throwing a successful homebuyer seminar, specifically geared to first-time homebuyers. Tom Campone of @properties talks about his strategies for targeting open houses for lead generation. And, Phil Byers breaks down his 33-touch plan to ensure he’s staying top of mind of past clients and his circle of influence.