Screen Time Champs: REALTOR® Recommended Apps

We get by with a little help from our REALTOR® friends. With so many mobile apps out there (and so little time to test them all), it’s always nice to get trustworthy recommendations. We chatted with some REALTORS® to learn more about the apps they’re using to make their lives easier and their businesses stronger. Here’s the download:

The perfect app for…MAKING PARKING EASIER

Collin Wasiak, Compass, says the ParkChicago app, a collaboration between the City of Chicago and Chicago Parking Meters (CPM), is his cheat code. Imagine this: You’re inside a listing appointment that’s running longer than expected, while your car is parked at one of CPM’s 36,000 metered parking spots around the city. Knowing your client needs your undivided attention, would you rather run out to add time to your meter or tap a button on your phone to extend it? We’re sure you’d chose the latter, and the ParkChicago app helps you out in that regard. Additionally, the ParkChicagoMap feature allows you to see which parking spots are available, as well as check their rates, parking hours and additional details. “In a world where time is money, this app charges a nominal fee in exchange for the security of your car and, above all else, convenience,” Collin said. As an added bonus, did you know CPM has its own philanthropy? CPM Community Partner gives to local family and youth organizations. Now that’s parking with a purpose! Make your life easier and download the app at


Marki Lemons Ryhal, EXIT Strategy Realty, recommends Pexels, which gives you access to lots of free images to use in your next marketing campaign. Once you select your favorite photo, you can save and edit it as needed, or you can upload it directly to your social media accounts. What makes Pexels unique is that it also offers stock videos for you to grab and use! If you get inspired and want to start taking your own photos and videos, you can upload them to the app for others to use. “I’m always thinking about content and marketing, as I want to differentiate myself from my fellow REALTORS® in my marketplace,” Marki said. “I use royalty-free photos and videos from, then remove the background on and upload it to Canva to do the final design.” allows users to keep their favorite parts of their photos and flawlessly edit out the rest. Canva touts itself on making graphic design simple. The app gives users a large selection of templates, frames, shapes, sizes, colors and filters that can be used to make social media posts, flyers, posters and more! Using a combination of apps to create content that attracts and resonates with her audience is one of her secrets to success. To get Marki’s content trifecta, head to these websites:, and

The perfect app for…STAYING ORGANIZED

Sam Powell, Dream Town Realty, calls Todoist her “brain!” As you’re running from appointment to appointment, Todoist is here to help keep you organized. This is the app where all your daily tasks, new ideas and ever-changing priorities can harmonize. It works like this: no matter where you are, open up the Todoist app and add in your newest task. Then, set a reminder or deadline, add it to an existing project if necessary and indicate the task’s priority level. Here’s where it gets cool: Todoist allows you to assign tasks to someone else if necessary. Plus, it integrates with other apps and systems that you’re probably already using, like Dropbox, Alexa and Slack. You can even use its productivity charts to help you analyze your time management skills and make adjustments to ensure you’re meeting your goals. “When I get an email with a task that I need to take a lead on, I’ll add it to my Todoist,” Sam said.“I use it with my team and personal assistant to keep track of what each of us is doing as it relates to our client files.” Ready to get those tasks in order? Go to to learn more.


Over is Julia Lindquist’s, @properties, go-to. It can help you take your graphic design to the next level. The easy-to-use app has ready-made and customizable templates to make your posts more interesting. You can use different fonts, stock photography and cool graphics to enhance posts about your next open house, give updates about your brokerage or share info about a property your team just closed. The basic version of the Over app is free to use, but if you’re looking for an enhanced experience or access to additional features, you can buy a subscription. Over Pro provides additional fonts and photos to help keep your posts fresh, and Over Teams allows multiple people in your office to collaborate on designs. As Julia points out, in our fast-paced digital age, it’s imperative your social posts are visually appealing and quickly capture your potential clients’ eyes. “Visuals are extremely crucial in real estate – your listing photos are the first showings,” Julia said. “[Over] gives my posts an editorial feel, as if I’m seeing the photos in a home magazine or a Pottery Barn catalog.” Download Over at


For Jordan Pyle, Keller Williams Chicago – Lincoln Park, it doesn’t get much better than BombBomb. We can’t deny the power of video. Next to meeting face-to-face, a short video is arguably the best way to keep your clients engaged. BombBomb helps makes it easy. Designed with real estate practitioners in mind, BombBomb allows you to record videos and send them directly to your clients via text or email. The best part: there are no links to click and no files to download. Once your client opens the message, they can watch your personalized video right in their inbox. Some other features include the ability to schedule when your videos are sent, see who opens and watches, save videos to answer FAQs and send reminders to those who haven’t watched yet. If increased replies, referrals and lead generation are some of your goals, consider using the BombBomb app to add a personal touch to your client communications. Head to to download the app. If you’re new to the instant video game, read their Bombcast blog to learn from the experts.