Serve Your Older Clients with Empathy & Compassion

The market for buyers and sellers over 50 years old is booming. You hear all about the millennials finally making their way into buying a home, but the senior market is a whole different ballpark. This June, to help you better understand and have compassion for the needs of your senior clientele, RRES is bringing you a special complimentary program from Senior Star. Each of the one-hour seminars presented by Senior Star is designed to help participants become well-informed resources on aging sensitivity and an effective ambassador for older adults and adult children. Each one-hour seminar will address a specific topic, culminating in a special interactive experience. Seminar topics include:
  • Understanding Memory Loss
  • Senior Housing 101
  • Communicating with a Family in Conflict
  • What’s in Your Tool Box? Getting Organized and Gathering Effective Resources

Virtual Dementia Tour

The crown jewel of the day-long experience is the Virtual Dementia Tour® Simulation – a five-minute interactive experience that will open your eyes to the reality of living with dementia, including Alzheimer’s. This program uses patented sensory tools and instruction to simulate changes associated with cognitive decline, to increase awareness regarding the effects of Alzheimer’s on family, co-workers, friends, healthcare professionals, first responders and entire communities. Using a home-like environment, the simulation recreates a realistic scenario with tools and daily living activities to depict what it is like for someone who is living with dementia. You’ll be asked to perform tasks in an altered state wherein your senses are artificially impaired, affecting your ability to interpret the environment around you. The results of this eye-opening simulation are both educational and emotional. You will not want to miss this.

Understanding Memory Loss

Gain an understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s vs. normal memory loss. This program will touch upon causes, symptoms, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Participants will also gain a greater understanding of how to live with dementia by providing a summary of support group advice and a listing of resources.

Senior Housing 101

Get to know of key terminology and housing options for adults 55 and older, as well as the types of resources to seek out based on personal circumstances. This will also include discussions on recognizing aging sensitivity and when, where and how to look for viable housing options.

Communication with a Family in Conflict

Learn how to recognize when family members are dealing with a crisis or conflict, particularly when it involves an older parent. Participants will be able to identify the characteristics of positive and negative conflict, identify barriers and create healthy boundaries that will improve the ability to communicate.

What’s in Your Tool Box? Getting Organized and Gathering Effective Resources

Master strategies for organizing care and/or helping to find appropriate resources to take care of an older adult. Participants will also learn effective communication strategies and active listening skills that will help them be more prepared to present the best resources and options.

Senior Star Program

Thursday, June 1 @ C.A.R. Headquarters | 430 N. Michigan For more information and to register, click here.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist: Get the Designation!

After you’ve completed the Senior Star training to better understand the needs of seniors, we’re hosting the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation to help you apply what you’ve learned to real estate. Click here for upcoming courses.