Spring 2019: From the CEO | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

The February mayoral and aldermanic elections, followed by the April run-off, have been exciting and we’ve been monitoring them every step of the way. Every day we’re hearing who’s throwing their hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential election. Here, at the Chicago Association of REALTORS®, we have our finger on the pulse of it all, because protecting private property rights for you and your clients is our top priority.

We kicked off the year in East Peoria at the Illinois REALTORS® Public Policy Meetings. We joined our peers from across the state, sharing lobbying efforts and discussing hot topics in real estate. Over the course of three days, we addressed everything from the dangers of rent control to the importance of embracing foreign business and investment. Additionally, Professional Standards and Member Engagement forums at these meetings served as a reminder that REALTORS® are just as impactful as lawmakers when it comes to upholding our private property rights.

Back home in Chicago, we hosted a members-only Mayoral Candidate Forum. Every candidate on the February ballot was invited to share their stance on key real estate issues. We learned their viewpoints on issues like the real estate transfer tax, RLTO and rent control. Our scorecard, showing where each candidate stood, gave you the information you needed to make an informed decision at the polls.

What’s next? We need you to stay involved. “Coffee with Your GADs” is your opportunity to hear first-hand the issues that matter most for your clients and our industry, straight from our Government Affairs Directors. Also, we encourage you to learn more about the REALTORS® Political Action Committee, as it impacts legislation and endorses candidates who protect our rights.

We are committed to serving as your private property advocates, providing education on public policy and demanding transparency and accountability from our elected officials. These rights are so crucial to the fabric of our society that they are woven into the U.S. Constitution. Our livelihood, our communities and our economy depend on them.

Stay connected with us this year. We made great strides in 2018 and will influence greater change in 2019 with you and your clients by our side.

Chief Executive Officer
Chicago Association of REALTORS®

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