Spring 2021: President’s Perspective

When I began my real estate career, I quickly realized the importance advocacy plays in our industry — and it’s now one of the things I’m most passionate about. In 2013, I went to Washington, D.C. on my own dime for NAR’s Legislative Meetings. During one of my first visits to Capitol Hill, I got to explain the impact of proposed legislation to Congressmen and women who were interested in hearing my perspective. I’ve been actively involved ever since. I then became a Federal Political Coordinator, charged with building a relationship with Congressman Bobby Rush from the ground up. I get to act as the eyes, ears and pulse of our industry and communities, sharing how legislation impacts property owners and REALTORS®. My advocacy work is one way I ensure that my voice, the voice of our industry and the voice of my clients are all heard. I love this job — it’s one that may not be glamorous, but it’s incredibly important. If you’re interested in getting involved in our legislative efforts, now is the time to do so. NAR’s REALTOR® Legislative Meetings and Illinois REALTORS®’ Capitol Conference are two opportunities where you can get your feet wet, meet peers who share similar interests, educate yourself on the process and begin to forge relationships with legislators. Getting involved at all levels is important. Thanks to RPAC dollars and the hard work of our government affairs directors, real estate was deemed essential last spring, funding was available through PPP and EIDL, self-employed workers who lack traditional W-2’s were included in government relief like unemployment benefits, and more. This would not have happened without all our combined efforts. With the uncertainty of the health crisis still a reality, we need to ensure that our legislators are aware of the very real threats that the ongoing pandemic represents to our communities. If you’re looking to get more deeply involved in our industry, now’s the time to rise up. We’re looking for new volunteers for all our committees, advisory groups and forums. Visit ChicagoREALTOR.com/GetInvolved to apply today. The more combined voices we have, the better for our industry and communities. The work may start with us, but it certainly won’t end there. It’s important we do what we can to create a brighter future for all of us. Apply to volunteer on a CAR committee at ChicagoREALTOR.com/GetInvolved.