Spring 2022: President’s Perspective

As you may know, my first love and passion is music. I’ve always particularly loved writing songs about people and experiences because they tell stories. As a performer, my goal was to connect with the audience. These experiences have translated well into real estate by forging relationships with clients, the REALTORS® at my brokerage, A.R.E. Partners, and my peers in the industry.

Real estate, perhaps more than any other career, brings together professionals from many different backgrounds. It’s when we embrace these differences in backgrounds, perspectives and skills that our industry thrives.

I challenge you to do some thinking: where are you in your career journey? What are the skills that make you a unique asset for your clients? For your brokerage? For our association?

We need your skills to shape our industry, and one of the best ways to do that is to get involved. After all, our association is only as strong as our members are engaged. There are levels to this – you don’t have to dive right into the deep end right away! Start by attending a CAR event to network with professionals from across the city and expand your sphere of influence. Once you’re ready to expand your involvement, I encourage you to apply for one of CAR’s committees or work groups. You’ll get to collaborate with fellow Chicago REALTORS® on projects that shape your membership experience and impact so much of our business. My very first work group dealt with commercial forms and contracts, and my very first committee was the Professional Development Advisory Group, which I went on to chair for two years. These helped shape my development as a servant leader in our industry.

Want to take your leadership skills to the next level? Our Board of Directors and Foundation Board of Trustees are looking for passionate Chicago REALTORS® who are looking to get involved at the highest levels.

You can check out all our opportunities at ChicagoREALTOR.com/GetInvolved. Find a committee or area you’re passionate about and put your name in for consideration. Not only will you gain so much, but our association – and all Chicago REALTORS® – will benefit, as well.

As always, if you need anything, I’m happy to talk and connect with you.

2021-2022 President
Chicago Association of REALTORS®

Check out all options to get involved at ChicagoREALTOR.com/GetInvolved.