Spring 2023: President’s Perspective

As mortgage rates continue to fluctuate and the real estate market begins to stabilize, it’s important we are prepared advisors for our clients and our communities.

Dig into market data! As an informed real estate expert, stay updated using data tools provided through your membership, like FastStats and InfoSparks. These tools allow us to view specific, targeted, monthly and weekly data points for the city of Chicago.

Your ability to understand, interpret and share key data points like market time or days on market will help your clients make informed decisions during the transaction and continue to showcase yourself as a market expert.

When this data goes live, there are a few ways that I use it in my business. I send market updates to my clients through emailed newsletters which can be easily personalized to their neighborhoods. I also post on social media and on my own blog.

Audit the platforms you use then lean into your favorite ways to share market data. To make it even easier, our Chicago Association of REALTORS® staff posts beautiful, designed, monthly market snapshots which include downloadable graphics you can use. Sharing this data is easier than ever before!

Being prepared for a market shift isn’t just a professional endeavor — it’s a personal one. Keep a positive attitude and don’t skip your self-care routines. Whether it’s reading, watching TV, taking a walk or anything in between, take time out of your day to do something you enjoy. I recently started working on a fun puzzle, and I make sure to work out whenever I get the chance. That happiness will carry over into your professional life.

2022-2023 President
Chicago Association of REALTORS®