IL State Economic Data Now Available for Engaging International Real Estate

Do you have (or want) an international real estate business? Then you’ll want to check out two recently released National Association of REALTORS® reports, which provide state-level economic data that can be used to enhance the knowledge and expertise of international real estate transactions with non-U.S. residents and recent immigrants to the United States. Inside, you’ll find the latest info on the following topics:
  • Population demographics: U.S.-born, foreign-born, naturalized and non-U.S. citizen residents
  • Employment, household income and educational attainment
  • Immigration and naturalization trends
  • Non-immigrant visitors to the state
  • Top export and import trade partners
  • Employment in U.S. affiliates of foreign companies

Key takeaways from the Illinois state report include:

  • 14 percent of Illinois’ population is foreign-born (over 1.8 million)
  • Foreign-born homeownership rate is 58.9 percent
  • Of those foreign-born, the top demographics are from:
    1. Latin America (44 percent)
    2. Asia (30 percent)
    3. Europe (20 percent)
    4. Africa (4 percent)
    5. Northern America (1 percent)
    6. Oceania (.2 percent)

To learn more, download and view the full reports: