Summer 2022: Foundation Update

Congratulations to the REALTOR® ELITE Mentorship Program Class of 2022

The REALTOR® ELITE Program matches ELITE’rs (mentees) with coaches to develop and support the next generation of industry leaders. Coaches provide ELITE’rs with knowledge, insights, tips and tools to advance their business success, while also emphasizing ethical behavior, allowing opportunities to network and developing leadership skills.

Applications for the next class will open on October 1! Check out for application information.

Enhance Yourself Professionally with a Scholarship

With 13 available scholarships and over $30,000 in funds, our scholarships are available to you every quarter. Now is the time to re-familiarize yourself and take advantage of these opportunities by visiting the Foundation’s website at

Because of You, We Can!

It’s because of you that we have been able to support a variety of new consumer and member-focused initiatives to advance our city and industry, showcasing how #ChicagoREALTORSCare! Share your stories of how you care for your clients, or how you’ve worked with the Foundation to care for our communities, by using #ChicagoREALTORSCare on social media.

Announcing Our New Consumer Grants

Both application deadlines have been extended August 30.


If you or your clients have experienced a situation where the appraisal does not provide enough collateral for a loan, apply for our new Second Chance Appraisal Grant.

When an appraisal fails to equal or exceed the purchase price, the buyer has limited options and time to act, meaning buyers may have to walk away from their homes or pay an additional fee to have another appraisal conducted. Homebuyers will receive a $500 reimbursement if a second appraisal was conducted on a home and came back at least 5% higher than the first appraisal.


Costly repairs can be a pain. They’re even more of a financial burden when you are a first-time buyer adjusting to homeownership. We want to ease this burden by assisting twenty new buyers in protecting their newest asset through home warranty grants. Selected applicants will receive a $250 award to reimburse their home warranty package.

Introducing Our Newest Partnership: Chicago Tool Library

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Chicago Tool Library, whose mission is to provide equitable access to tools, equipment and information to allow all Chicagoans to learn, share and create. The tool library is similar to a book library. Residents are able to borrow from an inventory of over 2,500 tools for home repair, gardening, auto repair, cooking, cleaning and more at little to no charge.

We are proud to sponsor this year’s repair fairs, where community members bring broken items like small appliances, clothes, bikes and computers, and a group of talented volunteers help repair them. Learn more at