Summer 2023: President’s Perspective

What a year! I can’t believe that this time last year I was just beginning my presidency. Over the last year, my cup has been filled with gratitude and kindness.

I feel lucky to hear your stories about the tenacity, commitment, creativity and selflessness you bring to the real estate profession. You have also gifted stories from all over Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods—of pain, of perseverance, of hope and of positive change. Each of them has given me a unique perspective on our city, and an even greater understanding of where we all live, work and play. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

On the night of the 139th Inaugural Gala, I challenged you all to come as you “R.” Little did I know that this would turn into my own mantra for the year as well as encouragement you would embrace with open arms—as, together, we create an association and industry that welcomes everyone. So many of you have used come as you “R” to tell your own stories and start your own journeys. Please, continue to do so and keep this mantra in mind as you all move forward in your careers.

As I look to the end of my tenure, I want to remind you that leadership is not a one size fits all approach. We need different perspectives and backgrounds to grow individually and as an association. And, more importantly, no one person can do this job alone. We serve our communities best when we all contribute our voices and listen to one another.

Please continue to come up to me and say hello, and continue to Come As You “R.” You are seen and you are appreciated, and I know you will continue to inspire those around you.

2022-2023 President
Chicago Association of REALTORS®