Supercharge Your Business In 2022 With CAR Member Benefits

Video Resource Library This is your one-stop shop for business knowledge. All our virtual webinars are available to watch anytime, anywhere. Click here to see what’s available.
CR Digital Flipbook Find everything you need, including real estate news, tools and best practices, created specifically with you in mind. Go back multiple years to find any topic and subject you’re looking for.
Earn a Designation Invest in yourself and dive into a specialized area to increase your skills. Take a designation that will allow you to better serve your clients, both now and in the future.
YPN Podcast Listen to your young professional peers talk directly to local experts to break down everything you need to know about the industry, from brand building to inspections, development, architecture and more.
Social Media Follow us for the most up-to-date news, membership updates and everything in between.
Forewarn App Keep yourself safe with our complimentary, proactive safety and lead intelligence service that empowers you to do due diligence on prospects.
SentriLock® Lockboxes Keep your sellers’ homes secure and provide peace of mind by using SentriLock® Lockboxes, which allow you to control who can enter and when.
FastStats Get the details on what’s happening in the market so you can speak confidently to your clients.
Photofy Easily customize and share social media graphics that show your expertise about Chicago, the market and your influence in just a few clicks.
  Legal Library Pro Streamline your commercial transactions with contracts that are easily editable to make transactions as smooth and seamless as possible, while saving time and money!
Discounted Health Care & Life Services Flexible, non-binding packages are available, including telehealth with $0 visit fees and discounted vision and dental services, among other benefits.
Chi-Society Work out from home on your own time, and at a discount, through this on-demand streaming platform with a variety of classes.
Dovetail Experience Enhance your listings with discounted residential real estate photography, videography and virtual tours for top tier imagery.
Expand your network and knowledge to be the best resource for your clients. We host over 100 events each year, and, through your membership, you receive free or discounted attendance to each one. Don’t Miss: Visit for a list of all upcoming events. Pick a topic you’re passionate about and get involved! When you become a member of our special interest groups, you’ll receive premier access to events and niche content, while connecting with others who share the same interests.
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