Take Action: Voice Your Opposition to New Rules on Criminal Background Screenings

Chicago REALTORS®, it’s time to make your voices heard!

Contact your county commissioner to let them know you oppose the proposed rules on Cook County’s new Just Housing Ordinance. The Just Housing Ordinance was put in place to prevent potential tenants from being discriminated against due to their criminal history. However, the proposed Rules are concerning for the following reasons:
  • They’ll make it difficult for property owners and managers to screen, evaluate and make safety determinations on potential rental applicants.
  • The proposed Rules call for a three-year lookback period, which is not a reasonable amount of time.
  • The “Opportunity to Dispute” Rule that is proposed would require the property manager to keep a unit open for an extended period, as the applicant disputes findings to their criminal record that may or may not be a mistake.
While we believe in creating housing opportunities for all, these Rules appear to be counterproductive and damaging to private property rights. Before these Rules are approved, there’s an opportunity for you to make your voice heard, by asking your county commissioner to draft a different set of rules that are fair and make safety on private property more of a priority. We’ve made it easy for you to send a letter directly to the county board and stand up for private property rights by saying “no” to these proposed Just Housing Rules today!

Contact your county commissioner now!