Take Action: Oppose New Rent Control Legislation

We need you to take immediate, quick action against House Bill 116, which would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act and would allow municipalities and counties to enact rent control throughout the state.

Take one minute to urge our state representatives to vote no on rent control!

House Bill 116 is a piece of legislation being considered by the Illinois House of Representatives.  HB 116 would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act, which prohibits local governments from enacting Rent Control and could be called for a vote as early as next week. House Bill 116 creates the path for direct government control of housing across Illinois. By repealing the preemption, the government would set price controls on rental housing. Allowing rent control will harm tenants, homeowners and cause significant damage to Illinois’ housing market. We oppose rent control because it is a blanket policy that does not solve the problem of housing affordability or housing availability. Read more about our stance here.


It’s easy. Click here to send a note to your elected officials and tell them why you oppose House Bill 116. By doing so, you are standing up for Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods and protecting our industry. Don’t wait!

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