Take Immediate Action: Rent Control Bill to Go Before Committee on February 20th

There have been many cautionary tales about how destructive rent control is in neighborhoods across the nation. Now, with the introduction of House Bill 255, it’s a threat to Chicago. We need you to take immediate action.

Tell your representatives to vote “NO” on HB 255.

House Bill 255 (Guzzardi) is the first of four pieces of legislation introduced thus far this legislative session that would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act (a 1997 Illinois REALTORS® initiative which prohibits local governments from enacting Rent Control). By repealing the preemption, House Bill 255 would allow ALL home rule units in the state to impose rent control. HB 255 is scheduled for a committee hearing on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. The Chicago Association of REALTORS® strongly opposes lifting the ban on rent control because, simply put, rent control doesn’t work. Rent control appears to be a quick fix to provide “instant housing affordability,” but there are many negative, unintended consequences, including a significant reduction of affordable rental housing. Rent control is widely discredited by most economists and housing advocates. Rent control will:
  • Decrease the supply of affordable housing, now and in the future
  • Increase rents for non-controlled rental units
  • Deflate property values
  • Increase property taxes on homeowners, including condo owners
Rent control is destructive and counterproductive, in addition to being complicated and expensive to administer.

How Can I Take Action?

We’ve made it easy for you. Click here to send a note to your representative and tell them why HB 255 must be rejected. By doing so, you are standing up for Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods and protecting our industry. Don’t wait. Tell your representative to vote “NO” on HB 255 and all bills that pose a threat to the rent control ban!


For additional resources about the dangers of rent control, visit: