The Secrets of Negotiation Skills in Everyday Life: Titans of Industry Recap

Negotiating is a vital part of a REALTOR®’s job. Not only because you’ll be negotiating during the buying and selling process on behalf of your client, but also because, throughout your career, you’ll need to negotiate for yourself through your compensation and salary. Here are Grace Kaage’s, COMPASS, top tips for negotiating.
  1. Advocate for yourself like you would for others. Studies have found that women overperform when advocating on behalf of someone else in comparison to when they advocate for themselves. Grace suggests that you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and ask yourself if you’re getting what you deserve.
  2. Know the difference between what you’re getting and what you’re worth. There will inevitably be times when you won’t receive the commission you ask for, and you cannot afford to give away your worth on a regular basis while also sustaining your business.
  3. Understand how to articulate your value. Your clients want to know what sets you apart from others, as well as what kind of value they’re getting by paying you a commission. Take the time to determine what your value proposition is, and learn how to articulate it to others.
  4. Know your non-negotiables. Your needs are just as important as those that you work with, and it’s important to remember to negotiate for yourself first through the things you aren’t willing to give up.

Listen to the full recording of this presentation below.

Chicago REALTORS® · The Secrets Of Negotiation Skills In Everyday Life