Tips to Shrink Your Property’s Footprint Through Toxin Reduction

  1. Install a water filtration system such as Pure Effects or Aquasana to remove lead, pharmaceuticals and other toxic substances from your drinking water.
  2. Ditch your non-stick cookware, which is made using a carcinogenic chemical called PFOA, and instead buy stainless steel products such as All Clad, cast iron or glass bakeware.
  3. Buy a flame retardant mattress and sofa. Fire retardant chemicals have been found to be toxic to humans, especially children and pregnant women.
  4. Use a non-toxic paint, such as Benjamin Moore Natura or ECOS, to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.
  5. Consider purchasing an indoor air purifier, such as Austin Air, to protect your indoor air quality.
  6. Switch your plastic cooking utensils for wooden or stainless steel ones to avoid plastic leaching into your food during the cooking process.
  7. Ditch your plastic cups and instead use ones made of glass or stainless steel to avoid having plastic contaminating your drink.
  8. Throw away your dryer sheets and switch to wool dryer balls. Dryer sheets are known to contain harmful chemicals that adhere to clothes, vent into the air and rub off on your skin.