Titans of Industry: Generating Multiple Streams of Income with Marki Lemons Ryhal

On Tuesday, March 30, we hosted our last Titans of Industry event with the incomparable Marki Lemons-Ryhal, who shared her tips on how to set up multiple streams of income. Here are the top takeaways from the event:

Know What You Should and Shouldn’t Spend Money On

Although the event focused on how to generate more income, Marki emphasized that a large part of making money is knowing when to spend it. For instance, she loves to learn new things. “I embrace being a lifelong learner. I commit to learning something new every single day.” However, she finds ways to do so without spending money. Her tip? Go to Youtube and Facebook first. “YouTube and Facebook private groups can teach you anything,” she said. The other thing she encouraged attendees to use: free versions of file conversion tools. There are plenty you can find online that will switch your Word documents to PDFs, PDFs to JPEGs and so on. The things she does encourage you to spend little extra money on are frequently used tools, like her favorite graphic design program Canva (she suggests upgrading to the pro version).

Create Sales Funnels

A sale funnel is the journey someone takes from their first contact with you or your company until they complete a purchase. Marki has perfected the art of setting up multiple sales funnels for her products to encourage repeat sales. For instance, she published a journal called The Social Selling Journal. When someone purchases this journal, they are invited to the Social Selling Challenge, a seven-day course to help reach your business’s social goals, which continues the relationship with her and her brand.

Utilize the Tools You’re Already Using

Marki considers herself to be an Amazon influencer. “Amazon gives me a stand-alone page that I can go to to source products on Amazon,” she said. When her publications started selling on Amazon and became popular, she was given the opportunity to create her own Amazon storefront, where she now also sells her personal merchandise and shares her recommendations with those who follow her. Through this storefront, she not only gets paid directly if you click on an item in her store, but it is also considered a pixel, so if you purchase something else, she also gets compensated that way. She also gets paid as a publisher of her book. In all, she utilizes Amazon to get compensated in several different ways. Check out the full video in our video library under DEI & Fair Housing videos.

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