Tools to Utilize as an Essential Worker | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

Recently, Marki Lemons Ryhal hosted a Now You Are Essential webinar where she shared tools and tips to use as an essential worker to continue practicing safe procedures during this time. What tools does Marki believe are important to utilize right now?

Cloud CMA

This third-party tool is a part of your local MLS, meaning you already pay for it with your dues. This tool creates a link that can be included in social media posts that tracks clicks to the URL and leads that were generated from that interaction.

360 Cameras

Your clients want to have control, and to them, control equates to trust. 360 cameras are still cameras that allow you to take a photo of a space that a client can then swipe on their own to get a full picture of a space. Marki suggests the brand Insta360 if you’re in the market to buy one.


Drones allow you and your clients to see areas that are not typically seen or you are unable to see – for instance if you can’t go farther than the fence line of a home or you want to take a look at the roof or gutters. Marki says a small drone that fits in the palm of your hand will do the trick.

DotLoop and DocuSign

In this day and age, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have access to forms wherever, whenever. Tools like DotLoop or DocuSign allow you to have constant access to the documents you need while working on transactions.

Equipment for Video on the Go

  • Lens Wipes: Our phones are prone to getting dirty, from being exposed to the outdoors, wearing makeup and fingerprint smudges, just to name a few. To create the best pictures of yourself, a specific space, or anything you’re trying to capture, make sure it’s as clear as possible by cleaning your camera or cell phone lens before every use. These are Marki’s go-to lens wipes.
  • Portable Chargers: Don’t become reliant on finding electric outlets, or not having access to one at all. Portable chargers allow you to charge your devices without counting on your ability to find a place to plug in your charger, so you’ll never run out of juice. Marki suggests the brand Anker.
  • Mobile Hotspots: While WiFi is typically accessible in most places, you never know when you’ll need to connect – and it’s best to have a secure backup. Mobile hotspots create secure WiFi access when you need it.
  • Ring Lights: Cloudy days, evening light or dark rooms are not ideal for taking photos or videos. Phone clip ring lights or free-standing ring lights will create the brightness you need to take clear and attractive pictures.
  • Tripod Selfie Stick: Whether you’re taking a photo or video, a tripod selfie stick will create steady and clear results.

Equipment for Home

  • Ethernet Cord: WiFi can be spotty and, occasionally, unreliable. If you want to ensure you have the best and most reliable internet, connecting your laptop to your router with an ethernet cord is the way to go.
  • Headset: Using a headset will ensure clear audio for recording or taping videos of yourself, while also picking up less background audio in the process. Marki prefers this Sennheiser brand headset.
  • Webcam: While most laptops and desktops come with a webcam, they tend to be lower quality than external webcams. An external webcam will create a clearer picture for you and whoever is on the other end. Marki swears by the Logitech C930e.

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