Top 10 Questions to Ask a Potential Real Estate Coach

DSupport is the key to every person who does anything great in any business. Private real estate coaching evolved out of agents’ need to get more support to be the best they can be. When the face of real estate offices changed from a few agents in most offices to often dozens, or even hundreds, the office often could no longer provide this support. Real estate coaching was born. If you are seeing a gap between where you are and where you want to be, then you absolutely should consider hiring a professional real estate coach to provide that support you need. A recent RISMedia survey found real estate agents with a coach close more business. Real state coaching is an umbrella term that usually includes three things: coaching, consulting and training. All should be considered when interviewing a coach.

Here are 10 questions you should ask to determine if a potential coach is a good fit for you:

1. What was your best personal production, or team production as a sales agent, and when was that? The best coaches tend to be ones who have personal success and experience in the business, and may still be selling today. 2. How long have you been a coach? A new coach just out of full time sales, trained and obtaining a coaching accreditation can still be great right from the start, and could have more time to spend with you. However, a seasoned coach who has helped many others already could be a better choice. 3. What coaching training and accreditation have you completed? The best coaches have gone through professional training and have higher-level skills to offer. You also may ask if all coaches have the same training and accreditation within the coaching organization. 4. Do you continue to pay for personal coaching yourself? Ask who their personal coach is and how often they meet. A coach who is paying for coaching really knows the power of it. 5. What is included with your coaching contract? Is it a weekly, twice a month or monthly coaching call? Is it private or in a group? What else do you get for your investment? Many companies have number tracking programs, extra group calls, access to private chat groups and so on. 4. How long is the contract and what is the policy on ending it early or changing programs? Do I need to sign a new contract when the minimum time period ends? Get clear before you start on the terms of your coaching contract. Ask what happens if you should need to end the agreement. 7. How many agents do you coach now and may I talk with a few who started with you at my current level? Do your research. An over-eager coach selling you on their contract without allowing you due diligence can be a warning sign. By having conversations with existing agent-clients, you can get a candid assessment. 8. Do you have any live events or classes available where I could meet you in person or deepen our training? Some get pumped by large events with hundreds or thousands of peers, and others thrive in smaller groups where they can talk with their coach personally for more than a “hello.” See what fits you best. 9. Do you work with a lot of other people in my office or area? You may want a coach who isn’t providing the same services to a lot of your neighbors. A few in your market area can be fine and even encourage friendly competition. With options available for a coach anywhere in the country, consider time zone and choose the best for you. 10.Do you have a system for me to follow, or will we be customizing one based on my strengths? This is really important. You want a coach who will not be trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Discuss your strengths in the initial interview and see if the coach really wants to help you grow and improve, or if they are intent to change your entire way of doing business. Take notes and pay attention during the interview. Are you talking to the person who will coach you, or a salesperson for the company where you’ll be assigned a coach? Is this person a good listener and responding to your comments and questions, or are they using a canned script? Be sure they are focused on what you want from your coaching relationship, whether that be additional sales to pay for a lavish vacation, to raise your average per-transaction income, or to massively increase your business. Donna Stott was recently named a “Top 25 Coach” in North America by Inman News. She has been coaching since 2006, and started Your Coaching Matters with husband Mike Stott in 2009. She publishes a free email newsletter for agents you may request at She welcomes your questions or comments. You may also visit her website at