Top 3 Takeaways From Sustainable Luxury: Increase Air Quality, Utility Savings & Other Upgrades

On Wednesday, May 22, we hosted our Sustainable Luxury: Increase Air Quality, Utility Savings & Other Upgrades event featuring:

  • Tim Swanson, Inherent Homes
  • Tom Bassett-Dilley, Tom Bassett-Dilley Architects
  • Darshan Desai, Mapletree Properties LLC
  • And Cyrus Rivetna, Rivetna Architects Inc.

These panelists shared how your luxury listings offer unbeatable comfort, healthier living and cost-conscious savings. See our top three takeaways below!

#1: What Makes A Sustainable Luxury Home is What’s Unseen

Most luxury sustainable homes have all the same features of luxury properties from the outside, like countertops, flooring and design- it’s the things someone would not be able to notice upon a quick glance that makes a luxury home sustainable. This includes things like air filtration systems, heat pumps, insulation and the sealing in the shell of the home.

So, how can you tell if a home is sustainable when it’s hard to see with the naked eye? Sustainable homes can, and should, be certified. The U.S. Green Building Council provides a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate, as does the Department of Energy.

#2: Top Two Drivers of Sustainable Luxury: Health & Comfort

According to Bassett-Dilley, one of the biggest drivers of creating or retrofitting homes to be sustainable is health. With air filtration systems, reduced toxins and other sustainable features, many young families are looking for sustainable luxury in their homes to keep themselves and their families healthy within the confines of their home.

Rivetna said the other biggest driver of sustainable luxury is comfort. In a place like Chicago, drafty windows and sealings can lead to cold and uncomfortable conditions within the home. And old furnaces can be noisy when they run in cold temperatures. These items can be updated sustainably to make a home that much more comfortable.

#3: There’s Nothing That Needs to Be Given Up for Homebuyers Who Want Sustainable Luxury Homes

Desai stated that while there can be a learning curve to sustainable luxury home features, there truly doesn’t have to be anything that is given up if a client desires a sustainable luxury home. As Swanson added, maintenance may be different, but education is one of the greatest tools REALTORS® and developers can use to show that there is nothing that needs to be sacrificed if you want a sustainable home.

According to Rivetna, the only thing of note is the cost. Sustainable luxury homes tend to be 10-15% more expensive to remodel a home than it would be with regular features, but there are plenty of benefits to offset that. First, these sustainable appliances and systems tend to have longer lifespans than their regular counterparts. Also, incentives like installation discounts are readily available to homeowners. Plus, you’ll continue to save on your utility bills, which will add up over time!

Thank You To Our Sponsor, ComEd!

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our sponsor for this event, ComEd. Through ComEd, builders of new construction and major renovations of single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, small multi-family, 2-4 flats and accessory dwelling units are eligible to receive financial incentives for achieving best practice energy efficiency. Download their form to apply today.