Understanding ComEd | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

For years, anything sent from ComEd that wasn’t a bill went straight into the recycling bin. Recently, the utility has introduced a number of fantastic programs aimed at saving customers money and using less energy. In fact, ComEd has a budget of just over $300 million to spend on retrofits this year. Help make sure your clients are making the most of those funds.

Here’s a quick overview of the ComEd programs that are good for your wallet and for the planet.

Hourly Pricing

By shifting usage away from peak demand times, homeowners can save a large chunk of money. This program is best suited for folks with an energy bill of $50 or more per month. If you have clients in single-family homes, this is a great option to help them save money. Plus, if we collectively lessen the electricity load when demand is highest, it keeps the “peaker plants,” often the dirtiest form of energy, off the power grid. Click here to learn more.

ComEd App

This mobile app allows you to view your home’s energy usage on a monthly, daily or hourly basis. By viewing the hourly pricing, you can track when it’s cheapest to use electricity in your home. Click here to learn more.

Peak Time Savings

ComEd gives you a credit on your bill if you reduce usage during summer days when demand is at its peak. Click here to learn more.


If your clients are looking to replace appliances, ComEd will help cover some of the costs. The list of rebates is constantly changing, but you can check for the latest offerings here. Similarly, both ComEd & People’s Gas will help cover the cost of making your property more energy-efficient. For example, they’ll cover up to $400 of the cost of adding insulation and $500 for duct sealing. You can see ComEd’s programs here and People’s Gas here.