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  • The team leader is the creator of the team and their personal account now becomes the team account.
  • When a member of a team is signed into a team account, listings are automatically entered under the Team Leaders Agent ID number.
  • The team lead can invite members to join the team to manage clients, searches, forms, service partners, listings, etc.
  • Listings for a team should be entered under the Team leads Agent ID number.
  • The team is branded as such in key areas of connectMLS including emails, client web pages, and listing reports.
  • Production for a team is pulled using the Team Lead’s Agent ID number.
  • Before entering a listing, confirm that the correct ID number is the Team Lead’s or the individual agent’s. Often team members enter listings under their own personal Agent ID instead of the Team leaders Agent ID and vice versa.
  • The Team leader only has one account (the team account which all team members can access), but members of the team have two accounts.
  • When a team member signs into connectMLS they are automatically signed into the Team account
  • IMPORTANT: To switch to a personal account, the team member must click the link at the top of the window to switch to their personal account
  • When a member switches to their personal account they are no longer in the team environment.


  • Co-listed transactions will only be counted under the top listed broker’s name for the purposes of the sales awards.
  • A second field for a selling agent was added by MRED the week of December 10, 2018.
  • Consistent with the way co-listed transactions are counted, only the broker in the top field for selling agent will be given credit for the purposes of sales awards.
  • We cannot give half credit to each co-lister or co-seller.

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