Sales Awards Teams Info


  • Reporting production as a team in the MLS is a voluntary election made by the team lead. If a team is formed in the MLS, a Team ID is issued.
  • Depending on when a team is formed in the MLS system, or when an individual team member joins or leaves a team, transaction history for a particular year may include separate personal production and team production. Sales Awards recognition is credited to the Listing Agent, Selling Agent, or Team for any particular transaction as it is reflected in the MLS system as of the data verification deadline. Transaction credit cannot be manually changed by CAR after the data verification deadline to combine or split transaction credit due to a newly formed team mid-year, or the addition or departure of individual team members. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure their transaction history accurately reflects their production in the MLS for any given year by the data verification deadline.
  • The Team lead chooses whether a Team member can ONLY add listings under the Team ID or if the Team member can add a listing under the Team or under their personal ID. This decision is made when a Team member is added. Listings added under a personal ID will not show up under the Team production.
  • Each Team has their own TEAM ID. Production is under the Team ID only.
  • The first time they log in after being added to a Team, they can choose to be logged into the personal account or the Team account and then set this as their default. They can always switch back and forth though. Regardless of being logged into personal or Team account, if the Team lead has not given them permission to add listings under their own id, all listings added from personal account will go under the Team ID. If the Team lead has given them permission, they can add listings under their own ID in personal account and need to switch to the Team account to add listings under the Team ID.
  • Before entering a listing, confirm that the correct ID number is the Team Lead’s or the individual agent’s account.
  • Team ID/Team name is given credit. Credit cannot be divided and cannot be counted more than once.
  • IMPORTANT: To switch to a personal account, a Team member must click the link at the top of the window to switch to their personal account.
  • The Team leader is the creator of the Team and the broker that creates the account is the Team lead and with the creation of the Team a Team ID will be set.
  • When a member of a Team is signed into a Team account, listings are automatically entered under the Team ID.
  • Only the Team Lead can add members to the Team.
  • The Team Lead determines the Team Member Type as an individual member or Team Admin.
  • The Team Lead can also give Transaction credit permission on a member by member basis. This means the Team Lead can decide by transaction if the Team Member can list their own property under their personal ID or be selected as the buyer agent on the buyer side, BOTH or None.
  • The Team Lead can choose a Transaction Coordinator for both sides of transactions as well. If they choose none, the Team Lead is the Transaction Coordinator by default.
  • The Team lead can invite members to join the Team to manage clients, searches, forms, service partners, listings, etc.
  • Team member can only enter listings under the Team ID, even when logged into personal account, UNLESS, the Team Lead has given them permission to add their own listings, then they can do so under their personal account and Team listings should be added when logged into Team account.
  • The Team is branded as such in key areas of connectMLS including emails, client web pages, and listing reports.
  • Production for a Team is pulled using the Team ID.
  • The Team leader only has one MRED login (the Team account which all Team members can access), but members of the Team have two MRED logins: one as an individual and one as a Team Member. When a Team member signs into connectMLS they are automatically signed into the account that they have set their default login to.
  • IMPORTANT: To switch to an individual account, the Team member must click the link at the top of the window to switch to their individual account.
  • When a member switches to their personal account they are no longer in the Team environment. Do keep in mind that the Team member can only enter listings under their individual account with permission from their Team lead.


  • Co-listed transactions will only be credited to the top/main listing broker’s name for the purposes of the sales awards.
  • A second field for a selling agent was added by MRED in 2018. Consistent with the way co-listed transactions are credited, only the selling agent in the top/main field for selling agent will be given credit for the purposes of sales awards.
  • We cannot split transaction credit to each co-lister or co-seller.

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