Updates to the Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

There have been quite a few changes to the new Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement. The changes to the form are listed below:

  • Binding language added to header
  • Copyright added to all pages of the agreement
  • Any reference to Broker has been updated to Sponsoring Broker
  • Removed second Sponsoring Broker initial at the bottom of all pages
  • Storage space information added to Paragraph 4, Property.
  • Leasing obligation added if property is leased (Paragraph 4 and General Provision H)
  • Out of pocket marketing and advertising costs replaced with Professional Services (Paragraph 8)
  • Additional Fee and Additional Rental Fee changed to Additional Commission and Additional Rental Commission (paragraph 9)
  • Cancellation of Agreement moved to first page, Paragraph 9, with blank added if there is a charge for canceling the agreement
  • Changed from Initials to Signatures for Dual Agency (Paragraph 10)
  • Changes to Paragraph 11, Property Information
    • Additional PIN added
    • Question to seller about knowledge of anything that would affect transfer of title. If so, explain
    • Question to seller if property is currently leased. If so, terms of lease
    • Added section for seller to write utility account numbers so that MLS can generate Energy Disclosure
    • Organized all condo information to one sub-paragraph and added blanks for Management contact info
  • Updated paragraph 12, Promoting and Advertising, to include social media sites
  • Added Paragraph 14, MLS Exemption
  • Reconfigured seller contact info
  • Added General Provision H, Lease Property
  • Updated General Provision Q to reflect new definition of Business Day

Access the form here.