Upgrade Your CE Instructor License & Avoid Losing Teaching Opportunities

Per Article 30, Section 30-25, of SB 1872 The Real Estate License Act of 2000 (RELA), Real Estate Pre-license Instructors are permitted to teach pre-license, post-license, core and elective courses while CE instructors are permitted to teach elective courses only.

In Other Words…

This means, as of July 1, 2019, without this additional training, licensed Continuing Education Instructors cannot teach Core classes this Broker CE season! Upgrade your license today and keep the following classes on your teaching list of possibilities:
  • 4-Hour Core
  • 6-Hour Residential Leasing Agent Core
  • 12-Hour Broker Management Continuing Education

What Can You Do?

We have a class coming up! This course is for licensed Real Estate CE Instructors, or for real estate professionals who have completed the first six hours of instructor training, who would like to become licensed Real Estate Pre-licensing Education Instructors.

Friday, November 1

9 AM – 4 PM

CAR Central | 430 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 800