Winter 2020: President’s Perspective

RISE UP — a simple phrase that can have many different interpretations. To rise up in this industry, you need to show up, do the work and be actively involved in all facets of the industry. I have been rising up in a variety of ways throughout my career. I experienced my own issues when I purchased my first home, from what I believe was discrimination. This was something I didn’t want anyone else to have to go through. The experience was part of what led me to this business and, after getting my feet on the ground, my work as a Federal Political Coordinator for Representative Bobby Rush. My work with the congressman has allowed me to fight for the interests of private property owners and bring to light issues facing communities of color when it comes to housing. Now, I’m rising up with my fellow Board of Directors to ensure that we are opening doors for those who have previously had them closed. I am so proud to lead an all-woman leadership team. To be the true voice of this industry in Chicago, we must reflect Chicago’s diversity. I am proud to be leading a board that accurately represents the people of this city. As the first Black woman president, I want to serve as a role model for young women in this industry, especially those of color. This year, I am challenging each and every one of you to rise up and be an active participant in this industry. Get involved with something that you’re passionate about, whether that’s mentoring young professionals, actively partaking in public policy or joining a committee – whatever you choose! I look forward to seeing what this year brings for all of us as we rise up together to overcome the challenges ahead. NYKEA PIPPION McGRIFF 2020-2021 President Chicago Association of REALTORS®

Watch Nykea’s speech from the 137th Inaugural Broadcast