Winter 2024: From the CEO

We are facing challenging times. The value of a REALTOR® is being challenged. However, I’ve seen the value of a REALTOR® first-hand – through meeting and connecting with all of you and also through my personal real estate experiences.

When I first decided I wanted to buy a home, I was unsure of where to turn. My brothers both owned homes but were new to the process. One was, in fact, the victim of predatory lending during his homebuying experience.

I’ve known my personal REALTOR® for 24 years; she and I are Delta Sigma Theta sorority sisters, and I knew that she was a REALTOR®.

So, I turned to her for help. I said, “I want to buy a house. What do I do?” and she immediately helped me start the process. She walked me through what to expect from the transaction, helped me clean up my credit score, found a lender for me and was by my side through the multi-year process of finding my perfect home. And I know this wasn’t special treatment; for as long as she’s been my REALTOR®, I’ve seen her provide this exact level of expertise and care to many of her clients.

Since my first homebuying experience, my REALTOR® was the person I called when I experienced major life changes. She helped me rent my house when I moved to Seattle. When I moved back to Chicago and knew the house wouldn’t be sufficient for my larger family, including my husband and son, she helped me sell my first home and find us a new one that met our needs.

My REALTOR® has essentially been part of my family. She assisted my brother with a short sale that was a result of predatory lending, and she helped multiple other family members with buying and selling their homes over the years. Now I, and all of my family, view her as an extension of our family. The trust we have in her to help us through some of the biggest financial decisions of our lives is invaluable.

I’ve seen how all of you go above and beyond for your clients and our city. I have confidence that we will continue to show why REALTORS® are vital to the real estate industry, our communities and those who live within them. Let’s continue to make Chicago a vibrant place to live, work and play.