Winter 2024: President’s Perspective

Not all leadership paths look the same. As the 140th president of the association, I know my journey looks different than those who came before me. In fact, my leadership journey came about in a rather unexpected way.

Many years ago, a fellow Chicago Association of REALTORS® member visited the office I was working at to meet with a friend. She stopped me to say hello and she asked me if I heard about a house bill that was a hot topic at the time. At the time, I hadn’t heard anything about it and was encouraged to go to a meeting at the association to learn more.

At the meeting, I got all the details on the house bill and asked myself, “Where have I been?” When I went back to my office to discuss the bill with my fellow agents, none of them were aware of it, either. It was in that moment that I realized I needed to use my voice as a leader to amplify the message of important topics like these not only to my team, but also to all of my fellow REALTORS®.

From there, I got heavily involved with the association, specifically through government affairs. I was then tapped on the shoulder to sit on the Forms & Contracts Committee and the RPAC Fundraising Work Group. I worked my way up as a volunteer to a vice chair, then a chair and finally onto the Board of Directors, where this year I will serve as your president.

This year, I want you to get involved and use your voice to make a difference in our industry. This association has so many opportunities for you to do so. From simply attending an event to voice your opinion to volunteering your time on a committee or growing through our Leadership Accelerator program, there are options for everyone’s passions and levels of experience.

This association is the voice for real estate in Chicago. I am the voice for real estate in Chicago. We all are the voice for real estate in Chicago, and we especially need your voice to make a positive impact on real estate, homeownership and Chicago.

2023-2024 President
Chicago Association of REALTORS®